Peach Blush1

'Peach Blush'


46x43 cm

7 200 sek  |  Sold

Materials: Linen canvas | Oil color | Wooden frame

Peach Blush is painted with a few heavy brush strokes, mixing different shades of peach together and creating an interesting texture of the oil paint.

Peach is an orange tone, composed of 100% red, 89.8% green and 70.6% blue. It's the color of neutrality and lends a sense of softness to the room. 


Selection of Materials

100% linen on Nordic pine wedge frame | Triple primed with acrylic paint | Painted with oil color of artist quality | Tailor-made framing in various forms of wood, carefully picked out and adapted to the panting’s motif, size and color.

The oil paintings are are made to stand the test of time, with all parts made out of highest quality material. All paintings are put together by hand from scratch, from stretching the canvas to customizing the frame.